You Dream & Imagine. We Build.

You and your family can trust in our expertise and years of experience.

Building a home involves a lot of important decisions. Thankfully, at TESFAR LLC we’ve developed systems and tools to make the home-building process easier for you. We’ll guide you through the entire build process every step of the way.

Our office is conveniently located in Columbia District, but we will come to you to discuss building your dream home. We’ll work side by side with you taking the lead! We want to make your dream home a reality.


Custom Home Building

In Tesfar we are committed to building homes that exceed your expectations. We believe a home is the special place where families can create memories and build dreams. That’s the principal reason why we collaborate with you and your family.

Our process

We approaches each project individually to make sure that all processes are up to par and are of the quality that we and our customers expect. Also, we understand the need for a flexible process to achieve our customer´s goal.

Our Experience

Our experience in construction, taught us the needs for an honest builder. We are proud of our qualified and trusted talent team that follows higher standards, in order to give our customers honest and accurate appraisal of their project.